The dissertation essentials

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The dissertation essentials

The dissertation is a qualification work, which is written by a researcher to award a title or degree. There are only three types of dissertations: master’s, candidate and doctoral. Before we talk about how to write a dissertation correctly, let’s take a closer look at each type of this scientific work, and make sure how long the dissertation should be written.

Let’s start with simple concepts about what is master’s, candidates and doctoral thesis.

Master’s dissertation

Before we give a brief recommendation on how to write a master’s thesis, let’s first understand what it is. The master’s thesis is a scientific work, according to the result of which the applicant is awarded a master’s qualification. This title is much more valued than the status of a bachelor or specialist, with such a degree you can easily find a highly paid job in your specialty. To be able to defend a master’s degree, you must first complete a master’s degree and gain the necessary skills to conduct research.

Ph.D. dissertation

Ph.D. thesis is a more serious scientific work than the masters. Years of life can be spent writing it because it requires a serious approach to practical research and no less theoretical reserves. According to the results of the protection procedure, the applicant may be awarded the title of Candidate of Sciences – a serious step in his scientific career.

As a rule, master’s theses are written on the basis of master’s theses. The defense of a Ph.D. thesis is the final point in postgraduate studies and is held in front of a serious academic council. Just because it will not allow it – you must have your own publications, written monographs and well-designed abstract.

Doctoral dissertation

Writing a doctoral dissertation will allow you to get a doctorate degree – the highest title in the academic world. This is the most difficult type of work; only those who have already defended a master’s and candidates and have completed doctoral studies are allowed to attend.

Before defending a thesis in front of a scientific council, an applicant is obliged to provide the author’s abstract published in the leading scientific journals of the monograph, to conduct serious research work, and also to back them up with a theoretical basis.

Practical recommendations for writing a dissertation

About how to write a dissertation, you can write books. However, we will try to convey the whole point briefly:
The thesis consists of such parts as a title page, a table of contents, a content (practical and theoretical part), a list of references, as well as an appendix and a list of symbols and terms.
Errors in the thesis should not be! A maximum of 5 corrections are allowed in the whole thesis, so carefully read your work before printing.

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