Main tips to proofread your essay

Main tips to proofread your essay

If you are writing an essay, try to capture the attention of the reader. Artistic texts are filled with emotions much more than all other texts. In such writings, it is appropriate to start with metaphors. If you try to write something fascinating or memorable in the first few phrases, you will be able to interest the reader in your work. Since literary texts do not imply such a rigid structure as in analytical essays (that is, structure planning, goal formulation), here you will have more freedom of expression.

For example, if you are writing a fascinating story about a girl who is hiding from the persecution of the authorities, you can start with a bright image: “The sound of sirens broke into the smoky rooms of a cheap hotel. Red and blue lights flashed like camera reporters. Sweat mixed with rusty water on the handle of her pistol.” Here is an introduction!

It is important to note that the first few sentences may be interesting even if they do not have much action. Tolkien’s The Hobbit begins like this: “The Hobbit lived in a hole in the ground. The hole was not terrible, dirty, wet, filled with worms and an unpleasant smell, but it was not dry, bare and sandy, where there would be nothing to sit on and nothing to eat. It was a hobbit hole, which means that it was comfortable in it.” This raises several questions at once. Who is a hobbit? Why does he live in a burrow? The reader will read further to find out everything.

If you are writing text related to art and entertainment, link some details to the main topic. Work in this area (writing reviews of films, books, and so on) has fewer restrictions on rules and requirements than writing technical texts, but even introducing essays in such texts can be more interesting when using the method of overlapping details. You can make the beginning frivolous, but still describe the main topic of the essay or point to it with small, but important details.

For example, if you are writing a review analyzing the Paul Thomas Anderson film “The Master”, you can start like this: “There is one little episode in this film that is hard to forget. When Joaquin Phoenix speaks with his youthful love for the last time, suddenly through the screen that separates the heroes, water breaks through, hugs the girl and kisses her. This is both beautiful and strange at the same time, but this scene very well reflects the tangled love theme in the film.” Thanks to the mention of such a small but spectacular moment, you will be able to let the reader understand what the discussion will go on in a different way.

Technical and scientific essays: what to write?

If you are writing a technical or scientific essay, do not go beyond the rigid framework. Not all lyrics should be exciting. Wit and fantasy have no place in the world of serious analytical, technical and scientific texts. Such texts serve practical purposes: they inform the reader about serious and important issues. Since these texts pursue only an informative purpose (and are sometimes called upon to convince the reader of something), they should not be used with jokes, vivid images or anything else that is not directly related to the task.

For example, if you are writing an analytical essay about the pros and cons of ways to protect a metal from corrosion, you should begin as follows: “Corrosion is an electrochemical process in which a metal decomposes under the influence of a medium. Since this is a danger to the integrity of metal objects and structures, various methods have been developed to protect the metal from corrosion. ” Such a beginning will be simple and to the point. There is no room for a sophisticated style or verbal tinsel.

Remember that in an essay written in this style, often the main part is preceded by a summary of the main provisions. Learn to write an abstract.

One of the most important rules regarding introductions is this: the shorter the introduction, the better. If you can communicate all the important information in five sentences instead of six, do so. If you can replace a difficult and incomprehensible word with a simple and common one, replace it (for example, it is better to correct “initiate” with “start”). If you can convey to the reader the meaning of the phrase in 10 words, not 12, do so. If you have the opportunity to make the entry shorter, without losing the quality and clarity of the text, always choose the short version. Remember that the introduction brings the reader to the essence of your essay and is not the essay itself, so do not stretch the introduction.

As mentioned above, you need to strive for brevity, but you should not reduce the entry so that it becomes incomprehensible and illogical. For example, in an essay on obesity, do not abbreviate the phrase “Obesity among children is a serious problem that affects both rich and poor countries”, until: “Obesity is a big problem.” The second sentence does not reflect the essence of the problem. Your essay is about the problem of increasing obesity among children around the world, and not about the problem of obesity in general.

How to write an essay in English perfectly?

How to write an essay in English perfectly?

Are you waiting for an exam soon? Then surely you are interested in learning how to write an essay on the English language perfectly. We will tell you about the types and structure of the essay, give tips that will teach you to write such work in English quickly and competently.

Firstly, let’s make sure what is an essay in English? This is a short essay with a certain structure in which you argue on a particular topic and express your point of view on a given topic.

The structure of the essay in English

How many words should be in the essay on the English language? Each exam has an optimal amount of written work. Typically, a task involves writing an essay from 180 to 320 words, depending on the exam. If you are going to take an English test, we recommend that you clarify the required amount of written work in advance and practice writing the text of the appropriate length.

The structure of the English language essay is universal for all exams. Writing work consists of the following parts:

Title – the name of the essay, reflecting the theme of the story, every subheading is up to this topic.

Introduction – 2-4 short sentences covering the subject of the essay.

The main part – 2-3 paragraphs, describing the essence of the essay. In them, you need as fully and competently to open the topic, argue and argue them.

Conclusion – 2-4 sentences summarizing what was written. In this part, you make a general conclusion on the essay.

Each of the paragraphs in the main part of the essay begins with an introductory sentence (Topic Sentence), this is the “introduction” to the paragraph. Subsequent proposals develop and confirm the idea expressed in the Topic Sentence.

To learn how to write an essay strictly according to plan and clearly structure your thoughts, use the website or On this resource, you can make a plan of an ideal essay, guided by simple instructions. Practice writing work on such a plan, and on the exam, it will be easier to write a well-reasoned essay.

Types of essays on the English language and their features

The type of essay in English that you need to write depends on the given topic and is sometimes indicated in the assignment. According to an authoritative source – the book Successful Writing by Virginia Evans – it is customary to single out three main types of essay:

1. Pros and cons. For and against essays

The name speaks for itself: you bring the arguments “for” and “against” some phenomenon. The outline of the essay in English is as follows:

In it you bring the reader to the topic of discussion.

Main part. You give arguments for and against an action or phenomenon. You do not need to express your point of view, stick to neutrality.

Conclusion Only here you express your attitude to the topic and make a conclusion.

An example of such an essay (all examples are taken from the Virginia Evans Successful Writing textbook, Intermediate level):

2. Essay-opinion. Opinion essays

You express your thoughts on a given topic. It would seem that an essay is an expression of your own thoughts. What is the salt of this type of essay? In Opinion Essays, you need to not only reflect your point of view but also look at the proposed topic from different angles. Consider all aspects of the question, write your opinion and be sure to confirm it with confident arguments.

Plan essay opinions in English:

Introduction. You specify the topic of reasoning.

Main part. You express your opinion and confidently argue it. It is also desirable to consider the opposite opinion of yours and explain to the reader why you do not share this point of view.

Conclusion. You summarize, finally formulating your point of view on the proposed topic.

3. Offer a solution to the problem. Suggesting solutions to problem essays

In this kind of written work, you will be asked to consider any global problem or problems. Your task is to propose solutions.

The outline for this type of essay is as follows:

Introduction. You indicate the problem and its causes or consequences.

Main part. You propose solutions to problems and the possible consequences of such actions. Clearly, argue why you should take certain measures and what this entails.

Conclusion. Summarize your reasoning.

How to write a brilliant essay for admission?

How to write a brilliant essay for admission?

You may have good and even satisfactory grades, but you can still go to Harvard. Not the best TOEFL and GMAT score can lead you to Stanford. This happens often. It’s all about a well-written essay that shows your goals and ambitions and reveals your talent and potential. Usually, when you enroll you need to write one or two essays.

Through the essay, the admissions committee tries to see you as a person, what you really are. Thousands of applicants have the same points for exams, grades, and it is the essay that distinguishes you and reveals your personality. In addition, the essay shows how you can present yourself, analyze information, and communicate with other people in writing. Employees of the selection committee when reading an essay not only learn about you and judge you by grammatical structures and language units used, but also pay attention to what you said and what ideas you presented in your essay.

Frequently asked questions for an essay

Questions may be different, ranging from “Tell us about yourself” or “What is your favorite book.” We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for the essay:

Tell us about your most important achievement.

How do you spend time after class? Describe two activities and their importance.

Describe the person who influenced you and how.

If you could improve one skill or talent, what would it be and why?

What course would you like to take and how it would help you in the future

Based on your life experience and the experience of your family, what would you like to tell us about yourself?

Describe the difficult situation you went through

Where did you find leadership skills?

If you are applying to 10 universities, this does not mean that you have to write 10 different essays. There is a technique called recycling. It lies in the fact that you simply change parts of your work, depending on the question that is put before you. Let’s give an example. One university asks you to write an essay: “Tell me about the experience that greatly influenced you,” another university set the following task: “Tell me about the conversation that changed your outlook on life.” At first glance, the topics are different, but they are not. You can write how father cooking has shaped your outlook on life. This essay will accurately answer the first question. When writing an essay, do not be inclined to one topic, write so that you can change a couple of details and create an essay for another university.

Four steps to writing a top-notch essay

Step one is a collection of topics for the essay.

Collect all the essay topics and write them down. Begin to recall examples from your life experience that can be summarized under these topics. Write whatever comes to mind. The following questions will help you concentrate:

What do you like to do most? What are your hobbies?

Do you have certain skills or talent?

Who influenced your life the most? Who is the most memorable?

What did you do in the past holidays?

What has changed in your life over the past 4 years?

Remember the most memorable moment with your family/friends/ teachers.

What achievements are you proud of?

Remember the most difficult task that you had to perform.

When and where did you demonstrate leadership?

Step 2 – we perfect the list of topics.

It happens that everyone writes about the same thing. Your task is to stand out. Your essay should be original and different. Make sure that what you write affects original topics (usually they write about travel, parents, sports). You need to demonstrate a unique approach to the topic. Your idea should be supported by good examples or stories. It is not necessary to write specific terms or things that are difficult for your friends, parents, and experts of the selection committee to understand.

Step 3 – Answer questions by listening to yourself.

Start with an interesting introduction. You need to start the essay so that you want to read further. For example, you can start by fearing the sound of a weapon. Many will immediately realize that there will be a continuation of the war or that you have heard the sounds of shooting. You share a secret, talking about your phobia dentists.

Use original language. It is necessary to re-read your essay several times so that you use interesting words and grammatical structures. Be careful with humor, rarely who manage to use it wisely.

Show growth and development. Employees of the selection committee want to see how you grew up, when you went through some situation, how your life changed. They also evaluate how you study at the university. Be sure to write about how you have changed and what difficulties you have gone through, what you have learned in the process.

Give clear examples. Do not just write that you are the absolute leader. Describe the situation, give examples where you have demonstrated leadership skills.

Step 4 – check, rewrite.

Check the essay many times, ask for help from friends, relatives. You can write to the students of your chosen university and ask them for help, suggest ideas or corrections to your essay. Harvard students recommend asking two or three editors for help.

The dissertation essentials

The dissertation essentials

The dissertation is a qualification work, which is written by a researcher to award a title or degree. There are only three types of dissertations: master’s, candidate and doctoral. Before we talk about how to write a dissertation correctly, let’s take a closer look at each type of this scientific work, and make sure how long the dissertation should be written.

Let’s start with simple concepts about what is master’s, candidates and doctoral thesis.

Master’s dissertation

Before we give a brief recommendation on how to write a master’s thesis, let’s first understand what it is. The master’s thesis is a scientific work, according to the result of which the applicant is awarded a master’s qualification. This title is much more valued than the status of a bachelor or specialist, with such a degree you can easily find a highly paid job in your specialty. To be able to defend a master’s degree, you must first complete a master’s degree and gain the necessary skills to conduct research.

Ph.D. dissertation

Ph.D. thesis is a more serious scientific work than the masters. Years of life can be spent writing it because it requires a serious approach to practical research and no less theoretical reserves. According to the results of the protection procedure, the applicant may be awarded the title of Candidate of Sciences – a serious step in his scientific career.

As a rule, master’s theses are written on the basis of master’s theses. The defense of a Ph.D. thesis is the final point in postgraduate studies and is held in front of a serious academic council. Just because it will not allow it – you must have your own publications, written monographs and well-designed abstract.

Doctoral dissertation

Writing a doctoral dissertation will allow you to get a doctorate degree – the highest title in the academic world. This is the most difficult type of work; only those who have already defended a master’s and candidates and have completed doctoral studies are allowed to attend.

Before defending a thesis in front of a scientific council, an applicant is obliged to provide the author’s abstract published in the leading scientific journals of the monograph, to conduct serious research work, and also to back them up with a theoretical basis.

Practical recommendations for writing a dissertation

About how to write a dissertation, you can write books. However, we will try to convey the whole point briefly:
The thesis consists of such parts as a title page, a table of contents, a content (practical and theoretical part), a list of references, as well as an appendix and a list of symbols and terms.
Errors in the thesis should not be! A maximum of 5 corrections are allowed in the whole thesis, so carefully read your work before printing.

Good services for essay writing

There are periods when you may not have time to write a clear essay. You have an idea, but the problem is to convey this information to your readers. Some of the reasons that may prevent you from doing so are either with a large number of school projects, with insufficient time to work on the essays, or with work and study at the same time, or may need professional writing. service to get work. These are a few explanations that help many in finding a good essay free writing service.

Custom essay writing services take the whole load off your back, taking full responsibility. All this, however, is done for a fee. A brief online search shows that many sites provide the same services to customers, but not all of these sites are legitimate. Complaints, such as poor grades, late assignment, copying work, are common to many clients and students who access these services. So which jewels are worth paying attention to?


Excellent custom services offer samples for some jobs. This is a very important indicator in determining their abilities and level of professionalism in their work. They should also be able to write many different types of essays, be it descriptive or persuasive.


There is a list of some of the best user letter services, check their ratings. Are the customers who subscribe to their services satisfied? What are some of the reviews shared by some of them? By asking yourself similar questions, as well as checking the data of companies, you will not only save money but also ensure the quality work of your chosen author. Of course, these services are not cheap. Therefore, have some concern when some offer low prices for your work. Ensuring quality requires a lot of time and resources. Always make sure you get quality at the right price.

The ability to choose your writer

Offering these options to customers brings trust and creates trust between the author and the consumer. He offers direct communication between the two parties and, therefore, the ability to understand what the writer does.

Suggestions for close work colleagues or friends about some of these services are also another way to find a well-written service. Having a friend’s opinion is usually genuine because they offer more understanding and honest reviews for some essay free writing.

The disadvantages associated with subscribing to the wrong service letter is that the subscriber does not know the exact professional skills collected by the authors. This eliminates the professionalism of the company offering these services and makes them questionable. In addition, no knowledge was obtained from them, since the work received was purchased, which reduces a person’s personal motivation and ability to learn independently.

Not all written services are authentic, but most importantly, not all offer quality work. It is up to you to do some data checking before contacting the service.

How to use APA style in writing dissertations?

How to use APA style in writing dissertations?

When writing a dissertation and using other people’s ideas in it, you must give them credit. You can simply convey other people’s ideas in your own words or make a direct quote, but you still have to pay tribute to the resource from which you took the material. If you do not do this, it will be considered plagiarism, which is contrary to ethics and can lead to serious consequences, for example, you may not get a good grade for your work, or you may even be dismissed from work. The APA citation format was developed by the American Psychology Association for academic work in the social sciences. APA assumes a style of writing, not just citation, but this article focuses only on citing.

How to quote in dissertations in the style of APA in the “list of references”

Start with the name of the author. Like a quotation inside a text, it is necessary to begin the list of references with the indication of the author. But when quoting in the list of references you need only the initials of the author. First, enter the author’s last name, then put a comma and enter the initials of the author with dots. For example:

One author: “Smith, J.”

If you have more than one author, the quotation will be: “Smith, J., Davis, D., and Baxter, R.”

Specify the date of publication in the quote. The next step is to specify the publication date in brackets. For example:

“Smith, J., Davis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995).”

Specify the full title of the book. Now you need to specify the name of the book. Unlike other types of quotations, only the first word of the title, as well as the first word of the subtitle, must be written with a capital letter in ARA. The subtitle is spelled with a colon. All words in the title must be italicized. In our case, it will look like this:

“Smith, J., Davis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995). Peace in your own words: Why is this happening. ”In this case, the main heading is“ Peace in your own words ”, and the subtitle is“ Why it happens. Then put a point.

Indicate the city and state where the book was published. The city of publication, as a rule, is indicated on the cover page or on its reverse side. If several cities are listed, select the one closest to you. Use postal abbreviations and do not put dots between the letters. Put a comma between city and state. If the book was published in New York, the citation will be as follows:

“Smith, J., Davis, D., and Baxter, R. (1995). The world in your own words: Why is this happening. New York, NY. ”

How to write a research paper in MLA format?

MLA is a formatting and citation code widely used in academic and professional writing in English. If you want to write a scientific article or publication for a journal or university in the United States or another country that uses MLA formatting, then you should follow the stylistic rules described below.

Title page

Do not attach a separate title page for a research paper in MLA format if your task does not require it. In accordance with standard MLA formatting rules, a title page or a separate title page is optional and should not be added to most written work.
However, sometimes your teacher may specifically request a cover page for written work in the MLA format, especially if it is a voluminous job. For such cases, there are a number of directives regarding information that must be indicated on the cover page.
Align the title in the center. It should be strictly in the center of the line and recede one third from the top edge of the sheet.
Enter your full name. In the middle of the page write your name after the word “By” and align these words in the center.
At the end of the page, you must specify the name of the course for which you are writing this work, the name of the teacher and the date of delivery. This important task information should be placed at a distance of approximately two-thirds from the top of the sheet. Write the name and number of the course on the first line. On the next line, write the name of the teacher. On the last line, enter the date of this assignment in the following format: Month Day Digit Year God Digit.

MLA General Terms for research paper

Set margins to 2.5 cm (1 inch). The top, bottom, left and right margins should be 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide.
Set double line spacing. Your work should be written with double line spacing from the very first page.
Use 12 font size. For the MLA format, the preferred one is 12 Times New Roman font size. Write the title in the upper left corner. The title should contain the same information as the title page if used. Include your full name, teacher’s name, course name, and date of assignment.


The heading “Bibliography” should be centered. Do not make it in italic, bold or underlined. Your bibliography should contain all the works and materials to which you directly refer to the text of your work. All written work in the MLA format should include a bibliography. Organize all cited material in alphabetical order. All cited works must be organized alphabetically by the name of the author.